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Your ultimate home sharpening solution


Comes with 240/1000/3000 Grit stones, guides and non-slip base


Makes sharpening blade edges easy like a pro.


Dual sided - leather and canvas


Great tool to help you sharpen your knives at the perfect angle


Auto adjusting between 15° to 45°


With Honing Oil and PVC Non-Slip Base


Perfectly scaled for easy storage


The essential sharpening companion to any outdoorsman


Sized for smaller blade applications, with a non slip base


The sharpening ‘steel’ slides into the pen body and is held in place with a knurled collet.


A requirement to keep your knives exceptionally sharp


Includes large and small guides, flattening stone and non slip base


Whetsone, angle guide and stone holder


Sharpening Whetsone


Pull through hand sharpener with non slip soft ergonomic handle


Whetstone sharpener ideal for quality knives


Compact sharpener with angle guide


Compact sharpener with angle guide


Easy to use and accurate sharpening setup