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Rechargeable 250 Lumen Pen-Sized Flashlight featuring Flex-Fuel


Max output of 3000 Lumens with 470 meters throw


Compact, high output EDC torch


Features 3000lm high output and integrated red & blue 360⁰ emergency lights


Energizer 200LM Rechargeable Sports Head Torch


Cool/warm/red LED, bottle opener, wrench and screwdriver all-in-one


Can be powered by USB rechargeable pack, or AA batteries


3000 lumens max output, 390m max Beam distance


520 lumens max output, 1400m max Beam distance


2000 lumens max output, 380m max Beam distance


900 lumens max output, 2000m max Beam distance


1300 lumens max output, 420m max Beam distance


White, Green, Red Lights Available, Max 760 lumens Output


Includes four LED light sources: White, red, blue, and ultraviolet (UV)


1200lm Max Output, 1100 m Max Beam Distance


Max output up to 2600 Im, and a max runtime of 38h


Max output up to 1300 Im, and a max runtime of 60h


800 lm Max Output (White), Max 1,000 mW UV Light at 365 nm wavelength


Includes accessories for use as a headlamp, cap light, bycycle light or helmet light


White LED providing max output while red LEDs for gentler light to reduce eye strain


20,000 lm Max Output, 740 m Max Beam Distance


3,500 lm Max Output, 600 m Max Beam Distance