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NEXTORCH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of illumination tools and specialized equipment for military, law enforcement, first responder, tactical, and outdoor applications.
Our approach to product development begins with an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs and preferences. Based on that knowledge, we focus our state-of-the-art research and development resources to create the finest high-performance equipment possible. Through our relentless commitment to product innovation, we have earned more than 150 patents and numerous industry awards. We have also earned the loyalty of professional end users in more than 100 countries.
If you only trust the best, trust NEXTORCH.
All NEXTORCH torches have a 5 year warranty.


800 lumen white light and 131 lumen red light


400lm light output and 360,000cd high beam intensity


Simple and practical, it belongs in every household


Compact, high output EDC torch


Compact thumb-size 360° utility pocket lantern


Features 3000lm high output and integrated red & blue 360⁰ emergency lights


Transform your TA30 MAX, TA5, E52, P10 or TA41 into a tactical tool


500mw output 404nm UV torch


Can be powered by USB rechargeable pack, or AA batteries


3000 lumens max output, 390m max Beam distance


250 lumens max output, 120m max Beam distance


520 lumens max output, 1400m max Beam distance


2000 lumens max output, 380m max Beam distance


900 lumens max output, 2000m max Beam distance


21700 battery with built-in USB-C connection for charging


18650 battery with built-in USB-C connection for charging


18650 battery with built-in USB-C connection for charging


Compatible Flashlights: P80 / P60 / TA5 / TA40 / T7


Not only a tool for daily smooth writing, but also a powerful tool for escape and self-defense in critical moments


16-in-1 multitool with pliers including sheath


1300 lumens max output, 420m max Beam distance


White, Green, Red Lights Available, Max 760 lumens Output