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In 1993, twin brothers Rainer and Harald Opolka were refused a business loan from their bank. They had no real estate to offer as collateral, just fresh ideas and the prototype of the first LED LENSER V8 flashlight. For the gentlemen at the bank, who told them that the V8 was unsellable, that wasn’t enough. So In 1994, with 1,000 DM, a sketch book, toolbox and old Atari® computer, the brothers struck out on their own and founded LED LENSER in their garage in Germany.

With all the passion and courage of two young, newly-minted entrepreneurs, they managed without the bank and to their own surprise ended up selling more than 200 million Euros’ worth of LED flashlights in the first five years. The V8 became an international design classic and one of the the top-selling LED flashlights in the world.
Now as they like to say, “We are our own bank.” As if to remind anyone of this who might happen by, today a lone, tattered, pirate flag waves over their Solingen headquarters.

Fast forward 17 years, hundreds of patents and design awards later, and LED LENSER is now a company of more than 1000 employees, three manufacturing bases and a range of some of the world’s highest-quality LED flashlights. And today, just as in the beginning, we remain driven by light – the emission, channelling and powering of light.

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Nitecore is the world’s leading specialist manufacturer of illumination and electronic tools for pro-level users in different trades and fields. They are provided with our products through Nitecore global distribution network covering more than 100 countries and regions. Our mission remains constant: make the best for the best. We are dedicated to making the dream gear that exceed their expectations.

Nitecore flashlights are innovative, robust, super effective and intuitive illumination tools. They are designed for a wide scope of applications, including outdoor sports, law enforcement and tactical scenarios as well as industrial utilities, and provide the best assistance to outdoors sports enthusiast, law enforcement officers, tactical users and personnels of different professions. Our flashlight collection offers plenty of choices in size, operating preference, performance and powering solution. Every Nitecore flashlight deserves to be called a masterpiece. You are guaranteed to find the right light for the job.

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High performance German-engineered flashlights, headlamps, knives, multi-tools & auto-care products, made for people with an active lifestyle and a demand for the highest quality equipment.

Our lights are made and tested according to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI FL1) and our knives feature high grade 12C27 Sandvik steel and G10 handles.

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We are proud to stock, and use personally, the range of Leatherman tools and knives. Started in 1983, Leatherman started out based on a few simple, but fundamental principles: manufacture the highest quality products that deliver excellent value to the consumer, while providing good, living-wage jobs to the local workforce. It was in that same year, after nearly a decade of knocking on doors and perfecting his idea, that they sold the very first Pocket Survival Tool (PST). And as the story goes…the rest is history.

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In 1884, Karl Elsener opened his cutler’s workshop in Ibach-Schwyz. At this time Switzerland was still one of the poorer countries in Europe. In the early years Karl Elsener worked to combat poverty and unemployment in the Schwyz basin, creating jobs and helping stem the flow of emigration.

In 1891 he supplied the soldier’s knife to the Swiss Army for the first time. He went on to develop the Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife – now the iconic Swiss Army Knife – in 1897, creating the foundation for a flourishing company that would be able to hold its own on the world stage.

From then on, his spirit of solidarity, deep roots in the region and strong commitment to solid values shaped the Victorinox company philosophy.

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Opinel – Since 1890. The firm OPINEL employs today 95 persons, all based in Chambery. Through this 100% French production, OPINEL S.A manufactures 4 million units per year of which 40% are exported to the 5 continents. In one century 210,000,000 knives have been sold in the world… Today, OPINEL offers to the hobbyists and to the professionals, a set of closing tools, made of wood and steel, robust and reliable, ingenious in its creation and easy to use.

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Outdoor life was probably not foremost in the minds of brothers Steinar and Sigmund Helle when they started knife production in the old forge at home on their farm in Holmeland in 1932 . Locally, their sheath knives quickly became extremely popular, and the foundations were soon laid for a small piece of Norwegian craftsmanship history.

The local market soon became too small, and new markets needed to be conquered. Steinar Helle packed his rucksack full of knives and set off on the long trip over the mountains towards the east. On a bicycle!

Then, as today, much of the production is done manually.
The Philosophy remains the same: Quality craftsmanship is best preserved by skilled craftsmen. Craftsmen with extensive experience and knowledge still take pride in making each and every Helle knife unique.

Today, Helle knives are sold all around the world, and customers receive the same quality whether professional hunter, scout or outdoors-man. A knife that is designed to meet the demands of the outdoors, and one that will last for generations.


Lots of companies talk about the quality of their steel. PUMA proves it. We proof every single PUMA knife blade made in Germany for hardness. If you examine the right hand side of your knife, you will see a small indented dot on the blade. This small dot is the “proof mark” from a Rockwell hardness tester. Using a diamond-pointed needle, every blade is tested for hardness. This needle causes the proof mark that is a symbol of a PUMA and is your personal assurance that your knife will deliver the PUMA® quality promise. Before we package our knives, we know for sure that they deliver the right degree of hardness. If it does not pass, it does not ship.

maserinIn 1960 Maserin Fervido started the production of knives after having experienced this kind of production for several years. His intention was to produce a high quality range of knives both in shape that in materials. Today, after almost 50 years experience, our family keeps on producing high quality knives reaching high standard levels of the process of production . Year after year we effort to find new solutions, new materials in order to have the best cutting tools you can find. We strength to look for perfection through research, love for beautiful shapes, well done products maintaining the tradition of the past and of the ‘made in Italy.

claude dozorme

Behind the Claude Dozorme trade mark, lies a family cutlery firm born in 1902, based in Thiers, the French cutlery capital. Established in 1902 by Blaise Dozorme, also referred to as “the wolf”, the Claude Dozorme brand is the signature of a long family tradition. Claude Dozorme aspires to create some of the most daring and avant-garde cutlery worldwide. It is an innovative brand which combines own creations with the new interpretation of classic forms. Each knife in the ‘Claude Dozorme’ collection is produced completely in the manufactory and individually crafted by hand.