New Tenergy “Works with ARLO” charger and batteries

We have just taken delivery of the Tenergy branded Charger & Battery kits, and replacement Batteries, for use with the Netgear Arlo wireless security camera systems.

These are Arlo Endorsed products that provide a cost effective rechargeable solution for users of these cameras.
The Charger & Battery come with:

  • a 1-4 cell 1.0A AC Tenergy battery charger featuring easy to use LED indicators
  • high charge efficiency and speed
  • built in safety features such as reverse polarity protection
  • a 100-240V wold voltage AC adaptor (can be used in other countries with a suitable plug converter
  • 4 x Tenergy RCR123A protected cells that can be recharged up to 500 times

And for those with more than 1 camera, or want a 2nd set of batteries on hand to reduce downtime, we have the battery kits featuring 4 x Tenergy RCR123A 650mAh rechargeable cells.

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