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We have a range of incandescent and energy saving replacements to suit all your needs. We also stock fluro tubes in many sizes and colours. Recently, we’ve started shifting to LED replacements, which offer much more light for a fraction of the energy that incandescent and CFL use. These include replacement GLS style, fancy round, and candles, all using a fraction of the energy. For example, an 8w LED will give approximately 60w of light output, and burn for more than 10,000 hours.

We also have access to a range of speciality globes for all kinds of uses, including overhead projectors, heaters, laboratory equipment and more.

Vacuum bags and accessories

We stock a range of bags in store to suit top brands including Electrolux, Volta, Hoover, Miele and are able to order many more. We can also get replacement filters to suit most models, and kits for special applications.


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We have a range of filleting knives from Victory which have been made in New Zealand for over eighty years. The stainless steel blade has a sub-zero quench after hardening which produces a strong, hard and wear resistant blade with improved edge retention. It also produces a finer grain and this is believed to be the reason that Victory knives are less prone to corrosion and maintaining their edge.

We have a range of Opinel kitchen knives made from their corrosion-resistant Swedish Sandvik stainless steel, which require no special care. Recently, we’ve started carrying the Victorinox kitchen Knives.


Losing track of time? Maybe you need a new clock! We have a selection of bedside, wall and desktop/mantle clocks. Some even include weather displays so you know if’s too cold to get out of bed.

RC toys

We stock a range of RC toys to suit everyone from beginners to the more advanced. Our range includes helicopters, quadcopter and hexcopter drones, cars, buggys and truggys. Plus we stock a range of spares to suit.

Weather stations and test equipment

We stock a range of Oregon Scientific weather stations that can measure everything from just indoor/outdoor temperature all the way up to wind, rain and UV. We also have IR thermometers, power meters and access to other measurement equipment.

Much more than…

Stuff that’s hard to categorise.

This is what the “much more than…” means. We have all kinds of stuff, from manicure sets, to cufflinks, to kitchen sinks*


Why not come in and see for yourself.

*Just kidding, we don’t actually stock kitchen sinks.